In this article we will walk through how institutions can download letters of recommendation and transcripts that have been sent to you directly by high schools using Overgrad. As a reminder, the document you will receive is a PDF that can be verified as issued by the school and unaltered since issued.

1. Log into your Overgrad admissions account. If you do not have an account yet, follow this link to setup your college/university account.

2. After logging in, you will be directed to the "DOCUMENTS" page where you will be able to find the documents  (transcripts and letters of recommendation) sent to you directly by high schools. Note that the default filter is set to view only "New" (recently sent/not downloaded) documents. 

3. From this page, you can utilize the filters to narrow down the list of documents. You can download an individual file by selecting the Download button for the row OR you may download all documents by selecting Download All.

  • Download Button: This will download the file(s) only associated with this row. This file will be marked as downloaded and the student will be notified.

  • Download All: This will download a zip file containing all the files in your filtered list. This will mark every file in the list as downloaded and the student(s) will be notified.

    • Once you unzip the zip file, you will see a folder title "overgrad_admissions_documents_{timestamp}" where {timestamp} equates the the date and time the folder was downloaded.

    • Within the folder, you will see subfolders that are named for the student with the format Firstname_Lastname_OvergradID. Within each of these subfolders will be additional subfolders that contain the documents described by the subfolder name.

4. If there are documents waiting to be downloaded in your queue that are over 24 hours old and you have not downloaded a file in over 24 hours, an email notification will be sent out instructing you to download the files.

5. After downloading a file, an email is sent to the student instructing them that their file has been received and downloaded by your institution.