This feature is only available to Overgrad Pro customers that have Recommendations enabled. Please connect with an Overgrad rep if you are interested in learning more.

  1. Log into your Overgrad account.
  2. In order to request a recommendation, you will first need to add an application. Click here for details on how to add a college application to Overgrad.
  3. In the header, select APPLICATIONS -> Recommendations. Please note, this is only available for juniors and seniors in high school that use Overgrad Pro.
  4. There are three types of recommendations you can have in Overgrad:
    • Counselor Recommendations - Recommendations from your school counselor
    • Academic Recommendations - Recommendations from a teacher
    • Other Recommendations - Recommendations from a coach or mentor
  5. Select the type of recommendation you need by clicking + Add Recommendation under the type of recommendation you are looking to create. It is important that you select the correct recommendation during this step.
  6. You will now need to complete information for the recommendation you are creating:
    • Recommender: You may see a list of recommenders that are available in your school. If you don't see the name you are looking for, select + Add Recommender. In this new form, you will need to enter the email address and name for your recommender.
    • Which colleges is this recommendation for?: You have two options here. If the recommendation is for only one of the schools you are applying to, select "this is a recommendation for a specific college". You would choose this option if you expect your recommender to be very specific to the school you are applying to. If you just want a general recommendation that you can use for any school, select "This is a general recommendation that can be used for any college."
    • Attach a file (optional): Sometimes colleges require your recommender to fill out a specific form to submit with their recommendation. You can add that file to your recommendation request here. Select "+ Upload new file" if you haven't uploaded the file previously.
    • Notes for the recommender: Include specific instructions for the recommender or anything you think the recommender should know about you or your college application. If you have a brag sheet or a resume, you can include to that here so your recommender has more information about you to include in their letter. 
    • Do you waive your rights to view this document?: Under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974, enrolled students have access to educational records concerning them. Students are also permitted to waive these rights. Click here to learn more.
  7. After you finish completing the form, click Submit Request. Your recommender will receive an email with details about your request.
  8. Come back to APPLICATIONS > Recommendations to check on the status of your recommendation by viewing the green progress bar for each recommendation request. If you made an error creating the request, you can cancel the request anytime before the recommender uploads their recommendation for you.
    Please note, you will not be able to view the recommendation that has been uploaded by your recommender.