Note: This article is meant to provide students with the steps they need to take to resolve a specific error that can occur when counselors send documents from Overgrad to Common App. Once the steps listed below have been completed, please email to let us know that we can attempt to send the document(s) again.

For Counselors

If you see an error message stating “Counselor assigned in Common App” when attempting to send documents, the student already has a counselor assignment in Common App which is preventing Overgrad from successfully sending documents to Common App.  

The student will need to remove the counselor assignment within Common App by following the steps on this page before Overgrad can successfully send documents.

⚠️ If a counselor form was already submitted through the Common App website for this student, the student will not be able to complete these steps. Please email and we will open up a support request with Common App to fix the issue.

For Students

If your counselor or someone from Overgrad asked you to follow these steps, it is because you invited your Counselor from the Common App website before linking your Common App account to Overgrad. This prevents Overgrad from being able to send your admission documents like your counselor recommendation, teacher evaluations, school report, fee waivers, etc to Common App. Follow the steps below to resolve this issue.

Step 1: Once logged into Common App, select the My Colleges tab, then select the Recommenders and FERPA tab on the left hand side, then click on Manage Recommenders.

Step 2: Select the Trash Can in order to Delete  

Step 3: Confirm your decision to delete, select Delete 

Step 4: The action is completed when the counselor recommender is removed. Reach out to your counselor to let them know that you have successfully deleted the counselor assignment in Common App.