Course Planner for Students

Students can use Overgrad's "course planner" to plan out the courses they would like to take throughout their high school career. By adding and removing courses, they also will be able to ensure they are meeting course graduation requirements, as well as monitor any endorsement or career pathway requirements that may exist.

Adding Courses

Students can access the course planner from:

1. Their home screen, under "Track Your Progress"

2. Or, via "My Courses", located in the "My Profile" dropdown menu.  

Once a student enters their Course Planner they will be taken to this page: 

 Here, students can add courses

        To add any type of course, click on the green “+ Add Course” button

       To add a course for a specific subject and grade level, click on the "+Add Course" button in the desired subject and grade level

Students will then be directed to the course options available for that subject and year. 

Here students will choose courses from a school's unique course catalogue to add to their course plan. The filters applied (if student clicked from a specific grade and subject) will courses that populate. 

The course they select will now appear on their Course Plan. Students can repeat these steps for additional subject areas and grade levels.

Meeting Course Requirements

Students also have an option to add to their Course Plan and check course requirements through “Course Requirements."


Under “Course Requirements” students will be able to: 

  1. View progress or plan by subject area. 
  2. View requirements unique to each subject area/course.
  3. Identify progress towards completing requirements.
  4. View action steps to complete requirements. 
  5. Find courses which meet these requirements.
        Clicking "Find Courses" will bring the student to the course catalogue of courses that satisfy that requirement. 
  6. Students will then select their desired courses for a given requirement in a subject area. 

*This example above shows a student's 9th-12th grade English course plan.


Finally, students will be able to determine if they are meeting all the requirements for that subject area when their course plan is complete. If they are not, the plan will highlight what changes still need to be made. 

*In the example above, this student can see their current plan does meet the English requirements but additional courses are need to meet Math and Driver's Ed requirements.