Have questions about how to navigate your parent dashboard? Read this short tutorial for a detailed overview.  

Also, if you still have questions about your navigation features, please review our "Navigating your parent account toolbar" support article.

Once you have created your parent account, you will have access to your parent dashboard. (Visual below)

Your first step will be to add your child/children. You have the ability to do that in two different ways (shown above and to the left). 

After clicking "Add your child" you will be prompted to enter you child's email address. 

Please note:     

- If your child already has an Overgrad account, please enter the same email address they used to register. 

- If your child does not yet have an Overgrad account, please enter the email they                 will use to register 

You will be able to see the status under "Your children".


Once you have added your child, there are two ways you and your child's account can become linked: 

  • If they do not already have an Overgrad account, they will get an email prompting them to create one. 
  • If they already have an account, they should log-in and scroll down to "Add Parents" on their student dashboard where they will have an invitation to connect with you. "

After your child accept your invitation, you will now have access to their profile. This will allow you to view their progress towards their college and career goals, as well as help them identify where they can take action to improve.

Simply click on your child's name to navigate to their account OR click on "View Goals" to be brought directly to their college and career goals.


Lastly, if you know other parents that might benefit from using Overgrad with their son or daughter, please share with your network!


For a more detailed video overview, view our parent support video.