In order to create student accounts in bulk, you will first need to prepare a CSV file with their basic registration info and upload that CSV into Overgrad. There are a few different ways you can create the CSV:

1. Generating a file from your Student Information System: If you are generating a CSV text file by exporting data from your school or district’s Student Information System (PowerSchool, Tyler SIS, Skyward, Infinite Campus, etc.), follow these steps:

  1. Select the records you would like to export (i.e. all current students, 10th graders, etc.).
  2. Select the fields to include in your export file.
  3. Save the file to your hard drive in a comma-separated value (CSV) text format.

*The required and optional fields are listed at the bottom of this article. 

2. Manually preparing the spreadsheet: If you are preparing your text file manually using a spreadsheet program like Microsoft Excel or Google Docs, follow these steps:

  1. Create a new spreadsheet. We recommend that you download a template CSV , but you can also create the file on your own. If you are starting with a blank document, place each field in a separate column. For example, one column could be for the student’s last name, another for the student’s first name, and another for the student’s grade level.
  2. Place each student in his or her own row, and ensure that each required field is filled out for each student. 
  3. 'Save as' the file to your hard drive in a comma-separated value (CSV) text format.

Below is an example CSV that shows how the first row contains the headers and each additional row contains the data each student.

Student ID


Last Name

First Name

High School

Graduation Year





Required Fields

Below are the required fields that you must have for each student in your spreadsheet. If you are exporting from your SIS, these are the fields you should select for each student. 


High SchoolName of the high school the student attends.
Student IDUnique, district-assigned student ID, which can contain alphanumeric characters.
EmailStudent email address must be entered to add a student to Overgrad. If you do not have a student’s email address, then you cannot create the student account.
First NameStudent first name.
Last NameStudent last name.
Graduation YearThe year that the student is expected to graduate. The year format is yyyy.

Optional Fields

Below are the optional fields that you can include for each student in your spreadsheet. 


Birth DateStudent birth date. The date format is mm-dd-yyyy
GenderStudent gender. Students can be specified as Male and Female, M and F, or with any codes you define (ie male = 01, female = 02)

Father's Education 

Highest level of education attained by student's biological father

Mother's Education

Highest level of education attained by student's biological mother

First Generation 

a student is considered first generation if they come from a family where their biological parents did not complete a four year degree


Student's primary phone number
Race/ethnicityStudent's affiliation with a particular group based on racial, cultural, religious or other traits they have in common 
Assigned CounselorThis counselor’s information is sent to colleges with student’s application documents; each student can only have one assigned counselor and it must be an educator at the school. This field will not impact caseloads in Overgrad.