Accessing the Career Survey

You can access the career survey in two different ways:

From your dashboard:

  1. Find the Take career survey box and click into the card (your box may not be in the 9th grade section like the example below, so you might need to look in the other grade level columns).

  2. Click on the hyperlinked Complete Milestone line


From your top navigation bar:

  1. Click on the My  Future drop down and select Career Survey.

Completing the Career Survey 

Once you navigate to the survey, you will come to a direction screen explaining how the survey works by showing an example question. To start the survey, click the green Start survey button


The survey consists of 60 questions, to which you should mark whether they would "Like" or "Dislike" given activities. 

As you progress through the survey, you will see a completion bar at the top of the screen:

You can stop the survey and resume at another time, if needed. 

When you complete the survey, a list of potential matches will appear, and can click the Follow button to follow the occupation, or click the occupation name to learn more. 

Reviewing Results or Retaking the Survey

When you finish the survey, you can access results and retake the survey at any time through the My Future dropdown menu, just as you accessed the survey before. Click on the corresponding button to retake the survey or view results: