This article reviews navigating Overgrad's Marketplace, as well as searching and requesting IEC estimates.

First, to access the Marketplace from your Parent Account Dashboard, locate "Marketplace" in the header of your dashboard, then click "Browse Exerts"


Once you are on the Marketplace, you will have the ability to browse independent counselors' profile pages:


If you want to narrow down your results, or search for specific criteria, use the filters on the left-hand side of the page. (see next photo)

These filters include:

  • Hourly rate: Want to ensure you stay within your budget? Scroll over hourly rates to see price ranges and then use this filter to find IECs that meet your budget. 
  • Location: Want to find an IEC near you or even near the college your child wants to attend? Use this filter to find someone in the location you want. 
  • Online advising: Looking for someone who offers online advisingCheck this box. Often virtual counseling saves time as it cuts out travel to and from locations. 
  • Keywords: Want to find someone who graduated from your student's dream school, or specializes working with students pursuing a specific major or college sport? Use this filter to search for keywords that are important to your decision.
  • Services: IECs offer many, many services. Use this filter to find IECs who specialize in the specific services that you and your child need. 
  • Gender: College counseling can be personal and time intensive. If you or your child have a preference on the gender of the IEC they will feel most comfortable working with, use this filter. 

Once you narrow down your list of IECs, use their profiles to gather more information about their skills and background. 

  • Example: Read their bios, work history, education, reviews from others who have used them, and look at how many hours they estimate the services you are considering will take.

If you are interested, request an estimate and use our request form to fill out specific details regarding your needs, what you are looking for in an IEC, and the services they offer. 

The IEC will receive an email notification that they have a request and should respond to you in a timely manner with a more specific quote.


Once your estimate is processed, you can view the status of your request by visiting "Requests", which can be found under "Marketplace".


Here, you can view your conversation, or cancel your request. 

When an IEC responds, you will receive an email with their quote, and potentially additional clarifying questions. 

To learn how to book an IEC, please read our next article "Marketplace Overview Step 2: Booking an IEC".