This article walks you through how to book an independent counselor after you have requested a quote. 

If you have questions on how to request a quote, please read "Marketplace Overview Step 1: Searching and Requesting an Estimate".

Once you have submitted a request for an IEC there are a few more steps before officially booking their services.

  1. You will receive a quote and or additional questions from the IEC whom you submitted your request.
  2. You will review the quote and/or questions and respond if necessary.
  3. You will decide if you will accept their quote and process payment if necessary. 

Additional details for each of these steps can be found below:

1. The IEC will review your request and put together a specific quote based on the services you have requested and the amount of time they estimate those services will require. Once an IEC has sent you their quote you will receive an email notification.

When you log into  your Overgrad parent account, you will need to click "Requests", which you can find under your "Marketplace" tab.



      Here you will see the requests you have submitted and their current stage.


2. To view an IEC's quote click "View Conversation." Here you can view their quote and any additional information they communicated to you.


       If you have any questions or would like to send them a message, you have the ability to do that here. 

3. If you are satisfied with their quote, you may accept and pay by clicking "Accept and Pay."

You will always be able to review your payment history buy clicking "Payments", including the date, amount, and the IEC you paid. 


      For additional questions about payment, please visit our FAQs.