The purpose of using your Overgrad account is to support your student as they prepare for their future college and career decisions. Use this article to guide you through how to use the college search features and tools we offer. 

You can also watch our support video that explains how students use their Overgrad student account.

College Search Features

Overgrad's college search allow you to search for colleges based on a variety of criteria.  If you have questions about navigating your parent dashboard or have not been linked to your student's account, please read our "Parent Dashboard Overview" support article and link accounts with your child first.

Once you have linked to your student's account you can access the college search by clicking on their name.

This will bring you to their student account.

To navigate to the college search features, locate "Colleges" on your student's header.

Clicking "Colleges" will bring you to Overgrad's University Search.


*Please note, if you student or their school has already entered your student's GPA, test scores, etc. you will see each school labeled as "Likely", "Match", or "Reach". If your student does not currently have any data entered into their profile you can do that now by clicking "My Profile" and entering their appropriate information. 

The University Search can be used in a variety of ways. Use the filters on the left-hand side to narrow down the schools returned in your search.

University Name: Search for a university by name to view their profile.

Type: Only want to look at specific types of universities? Use this filter to specify.

Admissions Chances: Want to build a diverse list of schools to consider? Search for schools by your predicted likelihood of acceptance. 

Location: Search for schools in one or more specified state(s).

Majors:  Search for schools with specific majors.

Net Price per year: Want to search for schools within a certain price range? User our net price filter to do so.

Graduation Rates: Want to see the graduations rates at each college for students whom identify with your ethnicity? Use this filter.

Average GPAACT/SAT: Want to search for schools who accept 50% of their students within a certain GPA, ACT, or SAT range? Use these filters to do so.

Include for-profit universities: Looking for a trade school or entering a major that is offered at a for-profit school and you don't see it on your list? Click this button to allow for-profit schools to return in your results.  

Once you set your filters, click "Search" and view your results. 

To view additional information about a school to view additional information about that university.


Each university will have an overview page with statistics regarding everything from historical admissions criterial, majors, graduation rates, average net costs, average debt of students who borrow, etc. 


If you are interested in considering the university, simply click "Follow this university on Overgrad". Following a university will add that school to your student's "My Future" page to build a list of all the schools and careers your student is considering. 

"My Future" can be found in your header and will show you an overview of all the universities and careers your student is "following".